Rock ‘N’ Funk ‘N’ Roll Workshop at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (India)


Rock 'N' Funk 'N' Roll Workshop

Atma Anur, Ed Degenaro and Steve Zerlin at the Rock 'N' Funk 'N' Roll Workshop

with internationally renowned guitarist and composer Prasanna as its president is India’s first music college to offer a range of programs in contemporary jazz, rock and world music. SAM is now offering a 2 day ROCK workshop: November 13-14, 2010.

With World class faculty, the SAM facility is complete with the latest gear, lecture halls, ensemble rooms, labs, practice rooms, recital halls, library, media center, recreation facilities, ultramodern residential facilities among others. With an excellent faculty to student ratio , SAM is spread over a vast 4 acre campus which makes learning a truly unforgettable experience.

The faculty for the workshop is:



One of today’s most versatile guitar shredders and SAM faculty Ed Degenaro will offer a two-day workshop on Nov 13 and 14 at SAM.

What will Ed’s workshop cover?

* General musicianship and Modern guitar techniques – Getting the right sound, Non- diatonic ideas in shredding, creative improvisation, harmonics, two handed fret tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, economy picking, legato picking, slapping, effects, Arpeggios, chords and scales and their super imposition in modern rock guitar styles.

* Stylistic Approaches of Shred Masters – Pentatonics of Eric Johnson, Wide interval legato and one note per string ideas of Shawn lane, Harmonic minor scale as used by Yngwie Malmsteen, Tapping and other approaches of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.



What will Steve’s workshop cover?

* Deepen your pocket, while fattening your groove. Time is of the essence.

* How to use syncopated dead notes amidst the bass line to create rhythmic motion.

* Finger style and slapping techniques.

* Great bass lines created by great artists such as Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, James Jamerson, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Paul McCartney, need i go on…..

* All workshop participants will play in a group setting applying these skills.



Some of what will Atma’s workshop cover?

* ATMA ( Having being part of Cacophony, Journey, Richie Kotzen, David Bowie, and many more!)

* He joins this hard hitting trio to shed some light on various topics, including: the history of rock grooves, chop building, double bass drum playing.

* How to orchestrate drum parts for hard and melodic rock.

*   *    *

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for all musicians who are interested in taking their Rock, Metal or Fusion playing to the next level by woodshedding for a weekend with the masters. Applicants must have strong playing skills in Rock, Metal or Fusion genres. Applicants will be judged on the basis of the application form and a demo that reflects their guitar playing. It could be a CD mailed to us or online links such as You tube, My space etc.

How much does the workshop cost?

The fee for the workshop is Rs. 6,000 which includes shared accommodations in our brand new apartments and 3 buffet style meals a day. Students will have wi-fi in the apartment rooms and the entire SAM facility. Students will also have access to our practice rooms, ensemble rooms, library, media center etc.

What facilities will be provided?

Students will have access to high quality hand made Mesa Boogie Express, Lone Star, Transatlantic and Mark V guitar amps,Orange Bass Amps, PDP, Dixon Drum sets, 10 ensemble rooms equipped with guitar amps, bass amps, drum kits, upright/.digital pianos and PA system, a large recital hall with a Kawai Grand Piano for performances, numerous practice rooms and practice huts, a library equipped with hundreds of books and instructional DVDs, a media center and best of all a quiet place tucked far away from civilization to shred as loud as you want day or night!


1) Where is the workshop held?
This fully residential workshop will be held in MARG Swarnabhoomi, about 80 kms from Chennai, and 38 kms from Mahabalipuram and 60 kms from Pondicherry.

2) Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is for intermediate to advanced musicians.

3) I am not a professional musician. Can I attend the workshop?
Yes. The workshop is for any musician – professional, semi-professional or amateur who wishes to improve his or her performing skills.

4) Do you have any minimum qualifications for selection?
Yes. We expect applicants to have at least reasonable performance skills to make it worthwhile and fun for everyone.

5) Is there a selection process?
Yes. We will screen the applicants on the basis of the application form and online links/MP3s.

6) Do I need to be able to read/write music to attend?
No. We understand that a large percentage of guitar players, bass players and drummers don’t necessarily read or write music. Each of the faculty members is adept at reading and writing music, so if you have those skills and would like to improve them, this is a good opportunity.

7) How do I pay the fees?
As a special Diwali gesture, SAM is offering the workshop to all musicians at an incredible Rs 6000/- including food and accommodation.

To Register log on to or contact Shyam Rao on +919884375572 / Wayne Fernandez on +919884145130.

Wolf’s Lair the winners of Chennai Live 104.8FM BAND HUNT have been granted a free workshop. There’s a special price for all Chennai Live 104.8FM BAND HUNT participants.

*    *    *

End Note:

The 10th and the 11th editions of “The Cultural me, Cultural You” show will be dedicated to the SAM faculty, music and activities.

In view of this fact, they will be delayed by a week unless otherwise announced.


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