Cultural me, cultural you//Tenth Edition//21.11.2010



The “Drum Essentials” Masterclass

straight from India

with Dr. S. Karthick and Atma Anur

When: Sunday, November 21st, 9pm (+1 GMT)

Where: on line, on RadioWid

(click on “Sluchaj teraz” to listen)

Podcast available on request, at the contact address down this page.

Limited Offer!

On the MENU:

extracts from masterclasses at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,

introducing you to both Carnatic rhythm and modern Western rhythmic understanding for drummers and well-rounded, knowledgeable musicians.


1. Raga Bop Trio: Garuda

2. Shakti with John McLaughlin

3. Raga Bop Trio: The Geometry Of Rap

4. Prakesh Bangalore:  A Talk (DVD extract)

5. The Atma Anur Group: Atma’s Fura

6. ALENS: You Are Not Alone (produced by Atma Anur)

7. Vanessa Van Spall: Not Sorry (produced by Atma Anur)

8. Ed DeGenaro: Prayer

9. Raga Bop Trio: Ironically

10. Natalie John: Nothing Else

11. Ed DeGenaro: Outro


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