Celebrating the 4th American Day in Krakow – A Visual Diary

Vintage bus inspired by the 1950s transportation in San Francisco

May 6, 2011 _ Departure: 12 am, from the Engineering Museum, Krakow

Cello player performing on the bus. She did well on balance.

First stop at the foot of the Wawel Castle

Changing buses at the second stop on the route, the Wisla stadium parking

Alina Alens with Mr Allen Greenberg

The third stop at the J. Slowacki Teatre

A very competent guide welcomes the visitors to the theatre

Stories and ambience keep the audience mesmerised

Slowacki Theatre staircase view

Glimpse of the main theatre hall

Backstage, a rare priviledge, with special visitors

The emblem of the city of Krakow


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