Something new…

There are so many people I have been meaning to reverently mention here since Easter, people I met or learnt more about during inspiring events over this past month and a half, that I’d like to call on my good friend and fellow blogger Stefan‘s muse, that goddess called conciseness, and hope to remember them all.

Two special people prompted the writing of this post:

Mr Aleksander Semlak, who celebrated his 85th birthday yesterday, during a picnic organised with the care and culinary support of my Romanian students, along with the director of the only private School providing Romanian courses in the city, and Mrs Sylwia Wallis-Korzeniowska, founder and director of one of the most prestigious English Language Schools in Krakow. It is thanks to them, their wonderful spirit, and their forward thinking that I found myself encouraged to dream, once again, about something new.

It is a wonderful feeling to find yourself inspired to dream, wide awake,  without limitations, and embrace novelty in the peaceful company of other dreamers, sparkles flying from one gaze to invisible stars (by day, mind you) and back to other dream gazers. Like any new look on the world, contemplating something new is a timeless delight. It can occur  as casually as a sunny sky overturning  a bad weather forecast, in spite of all odds. Every dream we allow ourselves to dream is another victory over all kinds of defeatism, like the times tainted with doubtful “why-s” and “what for-s”.

Something new always seems to come as a surprise,

as something worth putting on a smile for. 

And so it was that May 8th could, and did, in fact,

smile at May 9th,  when I was invited to give a reading from my book of poems at the inauguration of the Romanian corner at the Voivodeship Public Library in Krakow. 

Saturday morning, April 29th, could, yet didn’t smile at Sunday evening, April 30th,  when I had the pleasure of listening to the brilliant double-bass player Avishai Cohen, whose show concluded the 18th International Jazz Festival in Krakow. 

Nevertheless, it had plenty of time  to smile afterwards, with its ears, as much as with anything else – as rhythm is and remains all-pervasive. As a matter of fact, it still smiles today, June 3rd.

The Festival of Romanian Culture held in Krakow (26-29th of April, 2012), along with the The Fidelity of Images. Rene Magritte and Photography (18th of April – 10th of June, 2012), yet another inspiring exhibition with rare photos and videos by Rene Magritte, at the International Cultural Centre, also highlighted the rainy month of April. 

Tomorrow, and even later today,

can always bring along something new. 

Like the May strawberries April knew nothing about,

that I am  about to have for dinner…

right now.  


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