The second edition of the Iaşi International Festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT) is drawing to a close. The organisers estimate that the audience of the festival was of 35,000 (25,000 de spectators at the FILIT events and 10,000 visitors of the Bookfest book fair).


In total, almost 600 people (from abroad, from Romania and from Iaşi) were involved each day in the FILIT events: writers, translators of Romanian and international literature, cultural managers, literary critics, editors, educators, journalists, cultural bloggers and volunteers. Bookfest has meant another important deployment of forces, reuniting in its organisation around 100 people (the staff of the Association of Romanian Publishers, publishers, book sellers, logistics managers).


The FILIT guests came this year from 18 countries: Mexico, France, the Republic of Moldova, Iran, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, the USA, the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Sweden, the Netherlands, Romania. In total they travelled by plane 250.000 kilometres.


The celebratory spirit of the entire city, the extraordinary interest shown to literature by the young public, the size and the complexity of the festival, as well as the fact that it can easily stand on par with any of the  similar events throughout Europe are just a few of the aspects noted by the FILIT guests. Here are some of the statements they made:

„ I’ve had a wonderful time at the festival. I’ve had a very big audience yesterday evening and a very enthusiastic audience and it’s the audience that makes the event I think. If you see them interested and if they’re enjoying themselves, then you project better.”

David Lodge


“The festival is of the highest level, in my opinion. It is an event not just of our national cultural scene, but, as far as I can see, this is one of the largest if not the largest such festival in the East of Europe. It’s a great success”.

Mircea Cărtărescu

 “I’m glad to be here, in the capital of our Moldavia. FILIT is a large-scale event, there are very many writers here, and I am here with my friend, a great American poet, Edward Hirsch, and both of us are enjoying your hospitality”.

Norman Manea

“I’m impressed this is the only second year of the festival and it seems – if somebody would told me that this festival had been going for ten years or twenty years I wouldn’t be surprised, because it seems to be very well organized.”

James Meek

“It’s incredibly dynamic and I’ve never seen so many people and we don’t have quite so many people in festivals in Britain. You’ve had a NObel prize winner here yesterday, it’s amazing, it’s great.”.

Patrick McGuinness

Casa FILIT in front of the Palace of Culture involved the construction of a modular pavilion of approximately 1300 square metres, with a service personnel of around 50 people.

The Iaşi International Festival of Literature and Translation is an event funded by the Iaşi County Council through the Iaşi Museum of Romanian Literature. FILIT 2014 takes place under the high patronage of the European Commission Representation in Romania and has as its main partner the National Bank of Romania.