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Breakin’ Bread on My Birthday

Happy Birthday!-s feel as joyous everywhere on this planet.

Breaking bread anywhere in the world comes just as easy. 😀

Fred Wesley’s

♥concert at the Jewish Festival on July 2nd inspired me to dedicate his song to all of you who sent me their best wishes on my birthday this Saturday!♥

♥You can watch the entire concert at this link:

21 festiwal zydowskie w krakowie – Szeroka Czesc 5.♥

♥The concert starts at minute 08:00

and the song that I dedicate to you, Breakin’ Bread, starts at 31:33!♥

♥Enjoy & visit my poetry blog for my Birthday Award Ceremony LIVE right now! 

Take a PEEK to see who the awarded books went to! You might follow next & you might like it! :D♥

Abraham Inc. Concert, July 2nd, 2011