2010 & Past Events

Alina Alens’Agenda


SAM, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, India – artist in residence


SAM, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, India – artist in residence

21. 11 “Cultural me, Cultural You” (10) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)

20.11 SAM students’ concert in Chennai

13-14.11_SAM Workshop: Rock ‘N’ Funk ‘N’ Roll

3.11_Live Band Hunt Grand Finale Chennai, India Chennai Live Band Hunt


SAM, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, India – writer in residence

30 – 31.10 Recording sessions with Atma Anur (drums), Ashish Manchanda (producer, recording engineer, songwriter), Amit Trivedi (composer /Bollywood movies), at Ranjit Barot’s studio in Mumbai

24.10 Recording session with Atma Anur (drums), Ashish Manchanda (producer, recording engineer, songwriter), Nandini Shrikar (singer-songwriter), at the Clementine Recording Studio in Chennai, India.

14.10_ 5 pm:  Nowy Theatre at the ICC (Ravens House) – readings of Virginia Woolf’s works

7.10 _ 5 pm: Surprise film screening at the ICC (Ravens House) – introduction by Michał Oleszczyk

3.10 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (9) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)

1.10 _ Alina Alens donates copies of The Incomplete Fantasy We Call Love to the Romanian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.

1.10 _ Cross Culture Festival: Cafe Kulturalna, Warsaw, 11pm, guest appearance & performance by Alina Alens of the latest “Maine” (original & remix) tracks at DJ Ziutek’s evening.


30.09 _ 6pm: “The Incomplete Fantasy We Call Love” book reading supported by the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw (ul. Moniuszki 10), and chaired by Alina Alens. Reading guests: Atma Anur and Witt Wilczynski.

29.09 _ Pearson-Longman training (JCJ, Anny 6, 10.30-12.30am)

Peter Moran: “Testing in Teaching: from a Burden to a Boost”, “Current Trends in ELT methodology: Fashion, Fad or Steps Towards a Better Future?”

Agnieszka Hybel-Szymanska: “My Language Leader Lab”

24.09 _ Nowa Era Heinle ELT training (ICC, Ravens House, 1-3pm)

David Hill: “Towards better outcomes: satisfying students’ needs (and wants)”

23.09 _ 5 pm  Bloomsbury London and its secrets – lecture by Marek Kucharski (ICC, Ravens House)

15.09.2010 – 9.01.2011 _ British Bohemia. The Bloomsbury Circle of Virginia Woolf (ICC, Ravens House)

The controversial avant-garde Bloomsbury Group, at the heart of which were the writer Virginia Woolf and the painter Vanessa Bell, is today considered the most pivotal, most famous and most valuable development in 20th-century British culture. Active from 1905 until the outbreak of World War II, the work and lives of these writers, painters, musicians, journalists and art critics exerted a vast influence on modern British and world art and literature.

This is the first opportunity for the Polish public to gain unrivalled insight into the turbulent history of the Bloomsbury Group, its members, and their masterpieces.
On display at the ICC Gallery will be the best paintings, woodcuts and lithographs of such well-known artists as Vanessa Bell ( Virginia Woolf’s sister), Duncan Grant, Roger Fry and Dora Carrington, as well as ceramics, furniture and crafts.

12.09 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (8) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)

__ September 9th, 2010_ the release of Pako Sarr’s debut CD in Poland, “Nomad Soul.”

Alina Alens co-signs the lyrics to the single on this album, In My Village.


20.08 – 12.09 Romanian agenda

15.08 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (7) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


11 – 22.07 _ ISJA (XV)/ the International Jazz Academy – the 15th edition,  held at the Music Academy in Krakow

09.07 _ Harmon!a at the DIFFERENT SOUNDS ART’N’MUSIC FESTIVAL LUBLIN-LVIV , Lublin: Old Town Market, in front of the Basilica of the Dominikan Fathers

03.07.2010 – 09.07 _ Karimski Club Workshops (Leoncin, Poland)

04.07 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (6) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


18.06 _ Theatre night, at the Krakow Opera House:

[8pm] Ballet to Chopin music

[9.30 pm] Concert with the participation of Iwona Borowicka Cometition laureates including famous operetta arias and duets. More about this and accompanying  events on the Krakow Post.

06.06 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (5) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


28.05 _ Cambridge Day, Krakow

Alina Alens with Angela Princ

Bill Mascull: “Keeping up with change: New lexis in Business Vocabulary in Use”

Alex Tilbury: “Making a difference: meeting the needs of the 21st century learner”

Angela Princ: “Success in English: Finding it with Cambridge ESOL”

27.05 _ Pearson-Longman Conference, Krakow

Tonya Trappe: “A Workshop for Adults Only”

David Cato: “English to Get Things Done Effectively”

2o.05 _ Macmillan ELT Global Festival

Part I: Young Learners’ Expertise

Ewa Majer (British Council): “Cambridge English” (An overview of Cambridge ESOL examinations)

Olha Madylus: “Fun and Exams!” (A methodology session on how to ensure a good balance of the serious and the funny in the classroom)

“All creatures great and small” (A presentation of Macmillan courses for young learners)

Alina Alens with Olha Madylus

Part II: Global Innovation

Grzegorz Spiewak: “Think global, teach ‘global'” (An introduction to Macmillan’s brand new, innovative series for adults)

Ben Crystal: “Shakespeare on Toast”

Alina Alens with Ben Crystal

(A truly unique performance by actor and writer Ben Crystal A valuable insight into the very core of English language and culture, a must-see for a madern EFL teacher)

07.05 – 27.06 _ The Sound of Two Songs. Photographs by Mark Power at the ICC Galery in Krakow

The leading exhibition in Krakow’s 2010 Photomonth. The ICC Gallery will be hosting the latest series of works by Mark Power, a photographer with Magnum Photos. Power is a talented artist well known to both the British and the international public. In 2004 he took part in the Eurovisions project, which sent ten photographers to the new EU member state of their choice for a month. Power chose Poland. The outcome of the project was a touring exhibition that premiered in the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

08.05 – 06.06 _ Painting Exhibition: Galeria Gologorski,

Serge Vasilendiuc & Cristian Ruta-Fulger at the Krakow Gallery, Grodzka 29

02.05 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (4) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


10.04 _ Poetry reading at Jarema, Warsaw, 6pm – cancelled, due to the tragic events at Smolensk

04.04 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (3) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


16.03 _ Lectures on American architecture

Anna Dyson: “Green Architecture / Built Ecologies”

5 pm, Ravens House, Krakow

10.03 _ ICFE – An Advantage in the World of Finance – Conference organised by the British Council, Cambridge University Press, WPN, & Delta Publishing

09.03 _ Lectures on American architecture (introduced and chaired by Wojciech Oktawiec)

Chris Sharples: “Open Space, Reconnecting New York City with its Waterfront”

5 pm, Ravens House, Krakow

The meetings foreshadow the exhibition entitled Andreas Feininger. New York in the 40s on view at the ICC Gallery in July and August of 2010.

07.03 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (2) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)


14.02 _ The Chinese New Year celebration at the Kopalina salt mine, Wieliczka, Poland.

07.02 _ “Cultural me, Cultural You” (1) radio show on Radio WiD, 9pm (GMT+1)

02.02 _ “House for an Art Lover. Arts in Bohemia and Moravia 1870-1930” at the ICC in Krakow (Rynek 25).

The first exhibition of Czech modernism of such importance in Poland, organised in cooperation with the Olomouc Museum of Art, and showcasing almost 300 works of architecture who enjoyed the patronage of well-known art connoisseurs in Bohemia and Moravia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.


29.01 _ LIVING COLOUR, Klub Studio, Krakow

10.01  _ the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Warsaw (outdoor concert and TV show)



Discurs de 1 decembrie



MASSOLIT (ul. Felicjanek 4, Krakow), 7pm

Why not tick “The Incomplete Fantasy We Call Love” on your reading list?

Alina Alens, Joanna Kita and Patrycja Gierat invite you to find answers to this and other questions in the lovely English bookstore and cafe, Massolit, from 7 pm.”

This literary evening will be in English.

Everyone is welcome, critics and friends!

22nd of November ,2009 _ meeting RITCHIE KOTZEN, Mega Club, Katowice.

5th of November, 2009: the first post on Alina Alens’ Irreverent Blog

6th of September, 2009 _ Alina Alens’ account on Romania, in Romanian

1st of August, 2009 _ WOODSTOCK anniversary show

21st of May, 2009 _ book release show & ALENS concert – Part II

25th of April, 2009 _ book release show & ALENS concert – Part I

13th – 24th of July, 2008, ISJA (XIV)/ the International Summer Jazz Academy – the 14th edition, PWST, Krakow (Straszewskiego 22)

20th of April, 2008 _ meeting RICHARD BONA & his group in Krakow, Kino Kjow

28th of June – 4th of July, 2007 _ co-organising an English camp for children at Marcowka, Poland, with the student, at the time, Patrycja Gierat.

23th of April, 2007 _ AL DI MEOLA’s concert in Krakow, Kino Kjow, marks the beginning of ALENS


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