Every first or second Sunday

of the month starting Sunday, February 7th 2010,  you were invited to listen to the show I hosted, “Cultural me, Cultural you,” from 9 pm (+1 GMT) on RRI RadioWid.

Cultural me, Cultural you” is the radio show that seeks to give forum to the diverse international cultures living in Poland today. Through interviews, discussions, music and readings, this show is a foreigner’s look at 21st century Poland and the world.

Read more about each edition of this radio show at the links bellow:

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” tenth edition, 21.11.2010 – East meets West on the common ground of two cultures of counting. Professional insights into the challenges of drum teaching and playing with two of the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music faculty, Atma Anur & Ghatam Karthick.

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” ninth edition, 10.10.2010 – more of playing and living the music,  with special guest, Atma Anur, Part II.

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” eighth edition, 12.09.2010 –  playing and living the music, with special guest Atma Anur, Part I.

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” seventh edition, 15.08.2010 – a special edition, dedicated to the International Summer Jazz Academy in Krakow (July, 2010). Interviews with Grzegorz Motyka, Gary Wittner,  Curtis Johnson and Agata Pisko-Schaberl.

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” sixth edition, 04.07.2010 – a multilingual experience provided by an interview in English, Romanian and Polish with two painters living in Krakow: Sergiu Vasilendiuc and Dominika Balakowska.

“Cultural me,  cultural you,” fifth edition, 06.06.2010 – on music, life & literature with Krzysztof Pietraszewski, a former student of mine, host and producer of music radio shows on Radiofonia, the student radio station in Krakow, and Elisa Vian, a former Erasmus student of mine who recently published her debut novel, Il Diario di un Erasmus.

“Cultural me, Cultural you,” fourth edition, 02.05.2010 – on the week of mourning in Poland with social anthropologist Dr Annamaria Orla-Bukowska.

“Cultural me, Cultural you”, third edition, 04.04.2010 on education with teacher & writer John Marshall.

Interview transcript available.

“Cultural me, Cultural you”, second edition, 07.03.2010 – on travelling, with Polish former student Pawel Szmurlo, world trekker Brian Gehrisch & Romanian hostel managers Alexandra Moldovan & Iuliana Csapo.

“Cultural me, Cultural you”, first edition, 07.02.2010 – on being a foreigner in Poland, art & music around the world with guests Caroline Mailloux & Atma Anur.


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