10-11.12 The U.S. Consulate General and the ON OFF Theatre extend invitations to a performance entitled “The Dream of an Artist”, a performance in memory of Helena Modrzejewska. The event will be held on December 11 at 19:00 in the Center of Contemporary Art “Solvay” in Zakopianska 62 in Krakow. This performance will be preceded by an evening in the “Madame” Salon in Sienna 5 on December 10 at 19:00.

02.12.2011 – 29.01.2012 Shine. St. Mary’s Altar by Veit Stoss 

St. Mary’s Altar, created between 1477–1489 by Veit Stoss from Nuremberg, is one of the greatest monuments of the Middle Ages in this part of Europe. The current exhibition presents 27 photograms from Andrzej Nowakowski’s album entitled Shine. St. Mary’s Altar by Veit Stoss.


13.11 “NOT DEAD YET” Jason Becker Festival, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

2-6.11 Conrad Literary Festival (full programme

3-6.11 Krakow Bookfair


19.10.2011 – 29.01.2012 Hunting down Modernism. The Prohibited Arts in the Third Reich

With Adolf Hitler’s assumption of the office of German chancellor, the year 1933 opened up a new, ignominious and painful chapter in German history. Hitler’s vision held no room for independently thinking avant-garde painters, printmakers, poets, writers and composers. This unique exhibition presents works categorised by the Nazis as  entartete Kunst (degenerate art). 


16.09 – 02.10 Krakow – Petersburg. Chiaroscuros of Heritage

Among the highlights of this year’s rich and multifaceted programme of events which accompany „The Days of Saint Petersburg in Krakow” one finds an exhibition of Nadezhda Anfalova, a Russian painter, on view in the Gothic Cellars of the International Cultural Centre. In her work, Anfalova uses a number of forms – painting, prints, photography, installations, and multimedia projects.


19.06 – 02.10 Happening against Communism by the Orange Alternative

This exhibition presented the history of the Orange Alternative, whose happening events have been a unique phenomenon not only in Poland but in all of Europe. The movement launched in Wrocław had perceived the absurdity of the political system and assaulted it with absurdity. The weapon of the Orange Alternative was a happening, rallying the crowd in a perverse and humorous way and successfully shaking the foundations of communism. The Orange Alternative was not only a social movement protesting against the Polish reality in the 1980s, but above all a force opposing the regime on the national level, without creating formal structures and voicing political slogans. It was an alternative for the regime, for the opposition, but also for the drab reality.


9-15.05 Czesław Miłosz Literature Festival 


13.04 – 29.04 Management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland and Norway, an exhibition presented in ICC’s mediaeval cellars summarise the two years project on the Management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland and Norway. This is the second partnership project implemented by the ICC, after the completion of renovation of its seat, with funds from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.


16.03 – 05.06 Us and Them. An Intricate History of Otherness

This exhibition is the eighth presentation of graphic artworks from the Print Room in the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Krakow at the ICC Gallery. Over a hundred engravings, by such masters as Albrecht Dürer, Wenceslaus Hollar and Jacques Callot, were on display. The engravings created in the 15th -17th centuries  illustrate the cultural history of diversity.


21.01 – 06.03 Transmigrations. Myslowski. Puntos – an ICC exhibition that confronts the works of two contemporary artists whose lives and creative experiences fit into the issue of transmigration. Tadeusz Mysłowski is a Polish artist who has been living in New York, but is still strongly associated with Europe. Jani Konstantinovski Puntos is an artist of a Macedonian-Greek origin, rooted in Poland.


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