The Irreverence of Hosting a Radio Show in English

Cultural me, cultural you//Tenth Edition//21.11.2010



The “Drum Essentials” Masterclass

straight from India

with Dr. S. Karthick and Atma Anur

When: Sunday, November 21st, 9pm (+1 GMT)

Where: on line, on RadioWid

(click on “Sluchaj teraz” to listen)

Podcast available on request, at the contact address down this page.

Limited Offer!

On the MENU:

extracts from masterclasses at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music,

introducing you to both Carnatic rhythm and modern Western rhythmic understanding for drummers and well-rounded, knowledgeable musicians.


1. Raga Bop Trio: Garuda

2. Shakti with John McLaughlin

3. Raga Bop Trio: The Geometry Of Rap

4. Prakesh Bangalore:  A Talk (DVD extract)

5. The Atma Anur Group: Atma’s Fura

6. ALENS: You Are Not Alone (produced by Atma Anur)

7. Vanessa Van Spall: Not Sorry (produced by Atma Anur)

8. Ed DeGenaro: Prayer

9. Raga Bop Trio: Ironically

10. Natalie John: Nothing Else

11. Ed DeGenaro: Outro

Cultural me, cultural you//Ninth Edition//10.10.2010

Second Sunday of the month, and there it is!

Atma at his recording session October 2010

Atma in the studio, recording drums for 4 projects in October 2010

Tune in to RadioWiD from 9 pm (+1 GMT) for the second part of the interview with musician, drummer, producer, author and educator, Atma Anur.

More questions to be answered, more music to tap into, more revelations in waves of sound.

Does this sum it all up? No? Just what I thought! Then go to the radio address and take it all in, as juicy it comes!

See you there!

Cultural me, cultural you//Eighth Edition//12.09.2010

You are invited to the  first part of the 8th “Cultural me, Cultural you” show, this Sunday evening, from 9pm (+1GMT), on radioWid. Special music and a special guest: Atma Anur, the inside story. We will be discussing, among others, beginnings and experience, music and musicians, art and culture, similar and  different attitudes in approaching music.  Stay tuned & don’t forget to shine!

Morning in Venice

Cultural me, cultural you//Seventh Edition//15.08.2010

This coming Sunday at 9pm(+1GMT), tune in to radioWiD (with a click on Sluchaj teraz/Listen now)

ISJA 2010

With a “holiday” delay of one week, Cultural me, Cultural you has reached its 7th edition. You are all invited to log in & listen to the interviews I took during this year’s International Summer Jazz Academy (ISJA), from the 11th to the 22nd of July, in Krakow.

Music, inspiration, improvisation, performing and teaching are some of the topics I came across in my talks with Grzegorz Motyka, founder and director of the Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, jazz guitarist, director of the annual Krakow Jazz Festival of the Old & Young, ISJA staff member & organiser since 1999, and Magda Cebulska (who was kind enough to contribute as Mr. Motyka’s interpreter during this interview),

ISJA 2010

Gary Wittner, guitarist, composer & professor at University of Southern Maine School of Music, who taught History of Jazz at the Summer Jazz Academy,

ISJA 2010
ISJA 2010 – Curtis Johnson at the Teachers’ Show in Piec Art

Curtis Johnson, alto saxophone player and experienced professor at the West Virginia University, and Agata Pisko Schaberl, certified Speech Level Singing voice instructor and singer.

ISJA 2010
ISJA 2010 – Agata Pisko-Schaberl and the vocalists she taught

On the playlist: Marcus Miller with People Make the World Go ‘Round’ and ‘Jazz in the House’, Alens and two fragments from the ISJA teachers’ concert at Piec Art (Jimi Hendrix, ‘Little Wing’).

Cultural me, Cultural you//Sixth edition//04.07.10


this Sunday, 9 pm (+1 GMT) on RadioWid

Hour Glasses,


Talks on art and artists with two painters,

Sergiu Vasilendiuc & Dominika Balakowska,


Cultural me, Cultural you


S. M. V. – Pendulum

The Gathering – Your Troubles Are Over

Lamb – Please

Eva Cassidy – Say Goodbye

ALENS – Over Now

Lacrimosa – Liebesspiel

ALENS – Hang a Curtain