The Irreverence of Music and Lyric Writing


A couple of months ago a young humble violinist fan waited for me backstage after driving all day from Detroit to Toronto to see our show with Gumbi, Phillipe, Armand and Joel. His name is Evan Garr. Gumbi said “Al you have to check him out. He plays your compositions like you can’t believe.” I am always interested and happy to hear but never did I expect this! Self taught Evan blew all of us away when he suddenly started to play my music after the show in my dressing room. After knocking us out I asked where he was going that night. He said he’d be driving back all the way to Detroit. I said wait, I reached in my pocket, gave him all the money i had in my pocket and told him to meet us in Montreal: “Your playing with us tomorrow night at the prestigious Montreal Jazz festival! I would be honored to introduce you and tell your story!” The emotions were massive! Needless to say once he started to play the place rose to their feet and were instantly blown away! So now we are very happy to announce and introduce Mr. Evan Garr who will be joining our lineup as our special guest for the October leg of ELEGANT GYPSY & MORE! We’re proud and happy about what’s to come!

10/15 San Francisco, The Regency Ballroom
10/16 Santa Cruz, Rio Theater
10/17 Las Vegas, Sunset Station,
10/19 Denver, Soiled Dove, Tickets

10/22 Dallas – Majestic Theater
10/23 Austin, One World Theatre
10/24 TBA
10/26 Chicago, The Winery (sold out)
10/ 27 Chicago- Park West 
10/28 New York City, BB King’s 
10/29 New York City, BB King’s
10/31 Boston, Berklee, presale starts Friday 8/28

Easter and Palm Sunday Red

I found myself mysteriously attracted by the pigment 

in this kind of red… 

You can give it a number, don it a code, paint it on nails,

wear it on lips or eyelids,

stamp it on paper under a fingertip, or bury it in your memory…

It will still be the same kind of red, will it not?

 Take a closer look at the wall on the stage in this picture of beautiful Angela Gheorghiu. 

It seems to be the same kind of red, doesn’t it?

Listen to “Love is Blindness” 

on an album in this colour.

Can you hear the same kind of red? 

Feel your heart beat. Is it the same kind of red pumping in your chest?

What does time smell like?

In a world devoid of senses,  let the tip of your tongue taste fear.

What kind of red does it taste like?

When one by one, the senses leave you, what is left?

Imagine dying in a world without senses. It seems a cruel fantasy, doesn’t it?

Imagine being born without senses. What kind of reality does this spell?

 Whether imagined or excruciatingly real, as it sometimes is, living with or without senses has the same kind of answer. Love. One and the same. 

Feel it, savour it, nourish it,  absorb it into your lungs, wash your body in its aura, dive in its seas, relax in its softness, fade away in its grace.

Happy Easter and Happy Palm Sunday to you, all!



On September 30th, you are invited to CafeHU, the cafe within the building of the Hungarian Cultural Institute (Warszawa ul. Moniuszki 10) from 6pm, for a book reading.

I am looking forward to introducing my poetry book, The Incomplete Fantasy We Call Love,

to friends and readers in Warsaw. This is event is free of charge and will take place in English.

The book will be available at the venue. I will be happy to take your questions and sign out copies for the people interested!

You could even get Atma Anur’s autograph, as he will also be present and will lend his warm voice to some of the poems in my book.

I would also like to announce the premiere of my song, Maine,” from the upcoming album, Back to Myself,

during the Cross Culture Festival in Warsaw, on October 1st, at the show in Cafe Kulturalna (starting at 9pm).

See you there!

The “Living Colour” Experience